Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

I have hesitated a bit as I don't bake anymore, but I can sew and Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.

We got snow early in this southern part of Sweden and the snow lighten up the dark time of the year. In Sweden we have the tradition to light the advent candles in our windows, so the advent time is so cosy.

Now up to my newest Christmas projekt. 

Our Dalecarlian horses are famous all over the world and I have a collection with some red horses and even a black one.

I think the black one is so cool and I was in inspired of him when I started to plan my Christmas projekt.

And with a black horse I thought an old fashioned Christmas fabric would suit him well.

You could never have to many pillows so lets make me another one.

I started to draw the horse and then the templates for application. And I also had a lovely fabric  with poinsettias for the decorations on the horse.

Don't you think he is a handsome guy?

Then with the computer I changed the formate of the horse to a smaller one and this one took place on a small purse.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time with this little fellow

And no cookies from me so hop over to my fellow bloggers on my day


Merry Christmas from Sweden