Mug rugs are so fun to sew and very useful when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together with a cookie. I have sewn several mug rugs during the years. Most of them with birds , as I love birds.
Here are some of my birdie  mug rugs

Have you tested the Japanese way named boro to mend clothes? I found the book The Book of Boro by Susan Brisco and got so inspired by the method of hand sewing  tiny pieces of fabric to a back ground with sashiko stitches. 

 I love fabric from Kaffe Fasset groups and I have saved several small scraps. Now it was an excellent time to use them. My first project was a traditional rice bag, from a pattern in the book. It is hand sewn and it was so cozy to sit and sew it, even if it took for me two to three weeks to complete it.

Now to mug rugs the boro way. My first was this one, where I put  all in  covering the back ground  with scraps  like roof tiles. I have used embroidery yarns as I haven't  got any sashiko thread. I used a glue pen to pin the scraps before sewing them to the background.

I am a member of  the board of our Swedish national quilt guild and during a weekend in October we had our annual meeting for our members. As we couldn't have our meeting last year because of the pandemi  it was so fun to meet our members again. In one of the workshops we had a boro project. The idea and project is made from me and my friend Karin. We sold kit with the material consting of  a denim background  some Kaffe scraps and sashiko threads . The ladies were so inspired so I think some of them started new projects at home. 
My mug rug with denim and Kaffe scraps is below

I have used sashiko thread, a lovely thread to hand sew with.

And finally as it soon is Christmas a mug rug with an angel. I have drawn the angel by hand and then appliquéd the little darling and the stars to the backgrund. This time no sewing by hand.

Now over to the other ladies blogging today

A big Thank You to lovely Carla for  hosting this blog hop. It is so fun to participate, when I have time to spend.

Hugs to you all from Britt-Inger in Malmö, Sweden