In Your Words

In Your Words My Day

First of all I want to thank two lovely ladies Madame Samm and Linda who are  our cheer leaders for  this amazing blog hop.

I must admit that I first regretted,  that I without thinking it over, jumped right into  this blog hop.

But I started to sketch a project to have the words that I liked much and which ment a lot for me.

Then suddenly one day the new fabric designed by Laurel Burch arrived from US. I have ordered the fabric in August 2012 and have forgotten the design of them. But as the design from Laurel Burch is one of my favorites I knew that I shouldn´t be disappointed.

And there they were my favorite words or words suitable to me as I think I am  a very positive and open minded person.

I especially love these words , which are printed on the fabric
Remember to dream, to laugh and to sing
Pretend that you have wings and use them
Love and friendship
Live to celebrate life
And most of all Plant your self in the garden of your heart

As I love purses and also enjoy making them of fabric, the first project was clear. Why not make a wonderful purse with the words you love and carry it with you, when you are out.

And here it is, my purse in my own design  made of Laurel Burch wonderful fabric and with a body of faux purple  suede.

Waiting for spring

The top of the purse is sewn in a kind of wonky log cabin and as quilt as you go. 
Live to celebrate life

The back of my purse

And when I open my purse I will see this words

I had to  make something more of the beautiful fabric and why not a golden table runner for my old oak table.

 When I made the table runner I have sewed the block as a kind of wonky log cabin with a fussy cut centerpiece with cats. I am not a cat person, I love birds, but I am very fond of Laurel Burch´s cats.
Here is the full table runner on my floor, the best way to take a picture for me. I have prefered to be outside, but it was too windy to take pictures.

I have now showed you my words that are important for me.  The other ladies who are telling you sweet and lovely words are:

Hill Valley Quilter thats me Britt-Inger from Sweden
Buzzing and Bumbling Our Cheer Leader
Englating Marica from Sweden Yeah!!!

Have a lovely Tuesday