Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

I have hesitated a bit as I don't bake anymore, but I can sew and Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.

We got snow early in this southern part of Sweden and the snow lighten up the dark time of the year. In Sweden we have the tradition to light the advent candles in our windows, so the advent time is so cosy.

Now up to my newest Christmas projekt. 

Our Dalecarlian horses are famous all over the world and I have a collection with some red horses and even a black one.

I think the black one is so cool and I was in inspired of him when I started to plan my Christmas projekt.

And with a black horse I thought an old fashioned Christmas fabric would suit him well.

You could never have to many pillows so lets make me another one.

I started to draw the horse and then the templates for application. And I also had a lovely fabric  with poinsettias for the decorations on the horse.

Don't you think he is a handsome guy?

Then with the computer I changed the formate of the horse to a smaller one and this one took place on a small purse.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time with this little fellow

And no cookies from me so hop over to my fellow bloggers on my day


Merry Christmas from Sweden



Mug rugs are so fun to sew and very useful when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together with a cookie. I have sewn several mug rugs during the years. Most of them with birds , as I love birds.
Here are some of my birdie  mug rugs

Have you tested the Japanese way named boro to mend clothes? I found the book The Book of Boro by Susan Brisco and got so inspired by the method of hand sewing  tiny pieces of fabric to a back ground with sashiko stitches. 

 I love fabric from Kaffe Fasset groups and I have saved several small scraps. Now it was an excellent time to use them. My first project was a traditional rice bag, from a pattern in the book. It is hand sewn and it was so cozy to sit and sew it, even if it took for me two to three weeks to complete it.

Now to mug rugs the boro way. My first was this one, where I put  all in  covering the back ground  with scraps  like roof tiles. I have used embroidery yarns as I haven't  got any sashiko thread. I used a glue pen to pin the scraps before sewing them to the background.

I am a member of  the board of our Swedish national quilt guild and during a weekend in October we had our annual meeting for our members. As we couldn't have our meeting last year because of the pandemi  it was so fun to meet our members again. In one of the workshops we had a boro project. The idea and project is made from me and my friend Karin. We sold kit with the material consting of  a denim background  some Kaffe scraps and sashiko threads . The ladies were so inspired so I think some of them started new projects at home. 
My mug rug with denim and Kaffe scraps is below

I have used sashiko thread, a lovely thread to hand sew with.

And finally as it soon is Christmas a mug rug with an angel. I have drawn the angel by hand and then appliquéd the little darling and the stars to the backgrund. This time no sewing by hand.

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A big Thank You to lovely Carla for  hosting this blog hop. It is so fun to participate, when I have time to spend.

Hugs to you all from Britt-Inger in Malmö, Sweden


Born to be Wild


When Carol with the blog Just let me Quilt invited to the blog hop Born to be Wild my first idea was to make something with lions. 
I have earlier this year bought a pattern  Dandy Lions from Judy Carleton from her firm Ric rac. The pattern has instructions for the cutest lions. 
And they were so fun and easy to sew and the pattern has great instructions. 
Here are my cute lions 

I bought a panel with kind of tropical birds this winter only because I found the birds so fun and awesome. I have then  no idea what to make of it, but now I think the panel could be a foundation for a table runner.  And the birds are really born to be wild. I haven't used all the squares in the panel, there are two big squares left that could be a base for a tote. 
The size of my table runner is 14" x 60"

Now over to my  hopping quilting friends of the day May 19th

Hill Valley Quilter (that's me)

Thank you lovely Carol for this fun blog hop.

Greetings from late Spring in Sweden



Stitching Sunshine Härligt solsken

 It is summer and we have enjoyed some wonderful sunny days in Sweden and more sunny days will come.  A flower that is sunshine all over is of course the Sun Flower, a large and bold flower.
So I have made a table runner with Sun Flowers in a free appliqué style. I draw the flowers and then placed the petals  leaves in a free way. I used disappearing ninepatches as background for the flowers.

  It was so fun to make the flowers and the runner is now placed on my table.

And then I thought of a small quilt that I made two years ago for a challenge in the European Quilt Association with the theme Border. I thought  about the border between Sun and the Moon in the early morning when the moon  kisses the sun. The small wall quilt is still on tour in Europe and I hope that it will return to me next year. It has stopped somewhere in Europe caused by the Corona virus, as there are not any exhibitions this year.

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I will thank lovely Carla for hosting this fun blog hop 

Enjoy the sunshine and I wish you all a lovely Summer

Britt-Inger in Malmö, Sweden


Color it Red

I love bright colors and one of my favorite is of course red. When Carol invited for a blogging with the red color in focus, I thought that this was for me. I have sewn several things in red and I will start with showing my latest thing, a small table cloth.

I have used some fabrics designed by Kaffe Fasset and I think the different red fabrics really glow.

Here is a runner with several shades of red. Also Kaffe Fassets fabrics.

And another table cloth with red  Kaffe Fasset fabrics

I have made some Japanese Ricebags with leftover blocks of course in red

And some mug rugs with birds of course

Just for fun some kissing fishes made as an challenge of the drunkard´s path

I will of course show my pillow with a bird with attitude

And as a woman who loves red here is my blouse made of several Kaffe Fasset fabrics in many different shades and pattern

Just hop over to look at the other blog hoppers of today  who like me love the color of red.

Thank you lovely Carol for hosting this fun blog hop. I'm looking forward for some more hopping.

Britt-Inger from a windy south of Sweden with signs of an upcoming Spring.


Virtual Cookie Exchange

Welcome to my blog and a taste of Swedish Ginger cookies.
In Sweden we love ginger cookies in all form of shapes and there will be lots of them in every Swedish home in Christmas. Sometime they will be consumed   together with Glögg a Swedish form of a  spicy warm vine. But of course contains    the Swedish Fika ginger cookies in Christmas time.
Swedish strong coffee and ginger cookies is never wrong.

We have also Christmas songs about our love for our ginger cookies

The  ginger woman and the man have of course company of a ginger cookie pig 

At the Swedish Christmas table we have  a lot of ham and other food made  from the pig meat.

I have not made the ginger cookies , I have a good bakery nearby, but I will share a recipe that I have found on Youtube

For about nearly 60 years ago I bought a clay tomte (Santa) painted it and gave it to my father at Christmas and now it is mine. It is a sentimental feeling to have it on my table now. As you could see he is smoking and my father was smoking then. I don't think there will be any new smoking Santas nowadays.

We have lot of angels to decorate in Christmas and I thought a sweet little bag with an angel could contain a Christmas present.  The bag is made of a candy pack and the angel is embroidered after a sketch that I have made.

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Hill Valley Quilter Thats me

Merry Christmas to you all and A Happy New Year



My favorite block

 Today is my day to present my favorite block.

I have always loved the Churn Dash Block , why it wasn't difficult to choose what to share.
The block is so versatile and fun to play with, especially with  precut charms.
I haven't sewn big quilts but some table cloths and table runnes.

I have made a small table cloth and a runner from a charm pack. I think the projects turned out so lovely and I have used them a lot on my tables.

 For the latest issue of the journal from the Swedish Quilt Guild I also played with a charm pack to make a modern Christmas cloth. The basic tone of the fabric pack isn't so much Christmas but I love the romantic look of the fabric.

Together with green Moda Grunge it turned out very lovely and just modern for me.

Some years ago I played with  green and black batik fabric and it turned out to churn dash too. I think it was some of disappearing block from the beginning.

Now hop over to t the others presentations of their favorite blocks.

Hill Valley Quilter (That´s Me)

Thank you lovely Carla for  hosting this fun blog hop.

I will be  for the long weekend  from Thursday in Alsace France and Patchwork Europe and I´m so excited to be there. I will surely enjoy all the wonderful quilts and the beautiful landscape in France.

Hugs from Sweden and France