Dare to Dresden First day

I have indeed been very busy sewing the last three weeks. First the projects for the bloghop In your Words and now Dare to Dresden. I was so excited over these two last bloghops that I had to participate in both of them. And  how  fun it has been to make something with the Dresden templates, that I have bought  several years ago but  I have never never used before. 

Thank you lovely Madame Samm and Christine for conducting the ladies to dare  Dresden.

My  first plan was   to make only one project with Dresden, but  the first  plan  with only one project was soon thrown away.

The first project is a small tray sewn in fabric designed by Kaffe Fasset, one of my favorite designers.
The tricky moment  with this small tray was to make the back, as I don´t have a plate  which is big enough to use as template , no pizza plates in this house and no compass with a leg long enough to make a circle template for this tray. But I have  solved the problem  with  making a circle template from freezer paper just by feeling with the pen where I should draw the circle line to make the template.

Small Dresden tray 
And I think it turned out very cute with this wonderful fabric.

Then over to the new plan making one more Dresden project. I have had some fabric in my stash since several years ago with pattern from 1930-1940. I have used some of the fabric last year sewing a quilt with Grandmother´s squares, but there were lot of leftover fabric, in sizes bigger than scraps. I then decided to make an old- fashioned table cloth with muslin as back ground fabric. There were  several tiny bits to cut out, I have used pieces measuring 5 inch for the petals and a bowl for the middle as template.

I have then quilted with embroidery stitches from my sewing machine and I think it turned out very charming and very old-fashioned.

Table cloth in the snow



 I had now two projects, I had in my mind to stop there,  but then I got another idea where I could play even more and I had to try this one too.

The start was to dig out white and black fabric from my stash  to make a background for some Dresden in bold and bright colors. 

I could see the the table runner in my head, making  Dresden flowers with zigzag ribbons as stems and with appliquéd leaves and birdies to make something funny and crazy.

But the time schedule was short, as I started three days ago with the table runner and the table cloth wasn´t quilted by then.
 I worked very intensely since Sunday  with the table runner, quilted it on Monday and quilted the table cloth on Tuesday. I was very happy to go out in the winter weather to take some pictures this morning of my projects.

And best of all,  I could buy all the fabric  from my self in my sewing room. And I love to stretch my creativity , that´s why I love these blog hops with at theme.

Don´t you think my table runner  turned out very fun? It will be a  very bright and happy  table runner for my old oak table.
Dresden flowers with birds
And as you could see I  had time  to take  pictures in the morning  light out in the snow.
Yes, I dare Dresden and I will make more of them. A wonderful way to use scraps and very funny to play with  the Dresden shapes.

Don´t forget to visit all the other ladies who don´t are afraid to play with Dresden and be inspired of all the creativity vibrating in the blogs.

Hill Valley Quilter That´s me

Thank you very much for visiting me and continue to  have fun with the brave women who dare to play with Dresden.

Britt-Inger Malmö Sweden


Dare to Dresden

It is soon  the  first day for Dare to Dresden  blog hop and my day is 24th of January. I have been working a lot with my Dresden projects. Three different kind of Dresden Plates, but now I am done and I could  happily take my pictures in the snow tomorrow.
See you on Thursday