My Tammy

Oh so many lovely Tammy that I have seen during this blog hop. And yes Tammy is a cute, beautiful girl that even is hungry, as she can swallow so many things, that a crafty lady must have with near to her.

Thank you lovely Samm for organizing this blog hop and as all the hops that I have participated in, it is so fun.

The hardest part to make Tammy, is to choose the fabric, as the instructions that the lovely Madame Samm has sent to us is so excellent. This time I was a good girl that could  shop among my stash.
As I love birds, this funny fabric is a very good choice and could cheery up even during the grey days.

Here is my Tammy packed with the things that  I am working with for the moment.

I am waiting for my buddy. Hurry up and make him

My sweet small rabbit Maggie   is waiting for her brother to become alive. The material  for her brother is swallowed by Tammy. I have bought the pattern for Maggie and her brother here

and she is sewn by hand with button hole stitches. She is naked and is also waiting for her clothes, but to much for me to do, so she will wait a little more. I´m so sorry for that.

One side of Tammy

The other side of Tammy
 I am always looking for one of my measuring tapes, I have several. This is secured in Tammy.

Tammy´s kid sister
I thought that I had to make a small purse for my thimble, as like  the measuring tape I am always hunting for my thimble and now it will have a secure place to hide in.

Extra to Tammy

I thought I needed a needle case too, and then Tammy is the boss over some extra companions.

Here is the contents of Tammy, when I have taken out all the things she had swallowed this time.
And Maggie is still waiting for her rabbit brother.

 This was all for for me and my Tammy . But there will surely  be more Tammy in my place and maybe as presents for my friends  as she was so fun to make. You know for me Tammy is female.

Now hurry up to meet all the other ladies that like me love  Tammy.

Have a great day hopping  around and I hope to  see you soon in the next blog hop

Britt-Inger in Malmö Sweden