Black tie Boogie, my day

It´s Black tie Boogie time for me, oh yeah

Thanks lovely Madame Samm and Vickie for this lovely blog hop, it has been so fun to wake up every morning with all these fantastic coop of chickens.

I have always loved birds and yes chickens, roasters and hens are all birds. When I became a quilter 12 years ago I started to collect fabric with chickens, roasters and hens. They were designed in several ways, some more fancy and the others.

But first of all I will introduce to you my lovely wooden roaster. You maybe remember my Dalecarlian horses handmade of wood and hand painted in the county Dalarna.
The crafts men in Dalarna are also making roasters in same way as the horses.

Don´t you think that he is a proud and handsome roaster?

Now over to my project. When I was destashing to make better place in my cupboard, I also sorted among my chicken fabric and found a lovely black piece of fabric with tossed roasters and hens over the surface. And I think it was among the first fabric that I have bought as a quilter.
It was not a large piece of fabric, a scarcely half yard and I had to fussy cut the birds. But I could cut out four handsome roasters, three lovely hens, some heads of the birds, all in different sizes. The rest of the fabric became  chicken soup!!! LOL

I have also decided to make a table runner and it became rather large 24x64 ", but  it will be perfect on my dining table.
I was inspired by a free pattern from Dreamweavers quilts, here and worked it out in my way.

Don´t you think it is funny with the heads peaking over here and there close to  the binding of the runner?

I have had such a fun time making this runner and have also enjoyed the machine quilting.

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Have a great Thanksgiving Day over there
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