My day in Stitch Me Up

I started to love embroidery when I was a small girl and since then I have embroidered now and then.
Until ten years ago you could find small shops with embroidery as their specialty in the towns, but nowadays they are really hard to find. My home town is the third town in Sweden, but I think there is not a single embroidery shop left. I haven´t found any, maybe some yarn shop that has a small area with embroidery and embroidery yarns. It is so sad, as it is so comforting to sit down and stitch and contemplate. Time and thoughts fly away and you so relaxed. I think that embroidering is one of the things modern working women should try in order to relax.

But first of all I like to thank lovely  Madame Samm to make up this adventure with embroidery blog hop and Jane for being a wonderful cheer leader for us all.
And what should we have done with out the pattern designers Debbie Martinez from Busy as Can Be Cyndi from Bee Tree Designs and Madam Samm, who all have contributed with fantastic patterns.

There were so many patterns to choose among , so it was a difficult task. It was not so difficult to figure out what to sew, as I am a bag lady, LOL.
I have made several purses for my sewing notions, but a sewing girl couln´t get enough of these things, don´t you think.
I had decided to make an old fashioned sewing purse with four out side pockets covered with the cute flower patterns made by Debbie.
And to make it more old fashioned I thought that  some ribbons wouldn´t hurt at all. But as I like bright and bold colors I choose a strong orange, not old fashioned at all. I love the contrasts.

And why not present my purse with my dear Henrietta, a lovely  lady from 1952. And isn´t she cute together with the sewing purse and the needle case. By the way Henrietta came to me five years ago and she was a find, only 50 dollars, bought on the Swedish Ebay, Tradera. I gave her the name after my mother´s grandmother. She is so neat to use and I love the humming sound from her, when she is working.
 I had first taken some pictures in side my apartment, but as they didn´t turned out good, we take a tour out in the front of the house to take better shots . It is cold outside, but clear weather and the snow has begun to melt. I hope it will soon be Spring.

Henrietta with company

I have also personalized one of the pockets with my name and year.

 I made a simple but cute needle case to be a companion to the purse.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my projects, and maybe I should make a pattern of the purse with some embroideries and embellishments of my own. I have never used Craftsy to publish my patterns, but it could be a good idea to try.
It is sadly the last day of this wonderful blog hop session, but there is time to hurry over to find out what the other creative ladies have been up to.
Here are my companions for today

Hill Valley Quilter ( That´s Me)
Madame Samm

As it soon is Easter I will cheer you up with this picture from a small town in the south of Sweden. I got it yesterday from a friend to my Iphone .
I wonder what a giant egg has  hidden this chicken. LOL

Have a great Easter