Pin it with Kaffe

First of all I will thank our cheering lady Kristen and of course the lovely Madame Samm, who together are conducting this hop.
So many forms of pincushions I have seen during the first days of this blog hop and they are all so beautiful and awesome.

I will first present for you some animals, that I think are so  cute, that I can´t think of putting pins in their bodies.

Do you remember Skalman, the turtle that said hello to you during the hexie blog hop.
Here he is again

Don´t you think that he is lonely, maybe he is longing for a wife

May I present Skal-Stina who like me loves Kaffe, as you could see

And now they are talking business

My next Kaffe animal is a Spring chicken

My original plan was to sew a pincushion in EPP, from an old pattern that I have bought more than 10 years ago from a Danish quilt shop, that not is in business any more. My pincushion is made of 15 squares, sewn together in a special way. I have used squares 1,5 inches.
I am not at all fond of  sewing  EPP, but this one pincushion  was  fun to make. It looks like a crown, don´t you think and as the animals, the fabric is from  Kaffe Fasset´s design.
I must also show you a chicken pincushion made of an old recycled table cloth. I received it in a pincushion swap from Melissa, who lives in USA.
Don´t you think it is cool and it is big and heavy!!!

At  last I want to  show you the pincushion lady that I have bought in a Quilt Festival in Chicago 8 years ago.I think that she is adorable and fun. 

Now, when you have seen my pincushions, don´t forget hop over to the other ladies who sharing their pincushions today

Have a great day blog hopping
Britt-Inger in Malmö, Sweden