Stamps from Sweden and a give away

Here is my greeting from Sweden. Nowadays there could be many different images on the stamps.
In my child hood  the Swedish stamps only had pictures of our king Gustav VI Adolf.

This image shows a stamp from 1973 the same year as he died 91 years old and at this time we also had the currency SEK Swedish Crowns on the stamps.

This is our king Carl XVI Gustaf on a stamp from  2010 his age is then 64.

As you could see there is no currency on the stamp, brev means mail and Sverige means Sweden.

Since several ages ago we have different images on our stamps not only royalties. And I love beautiful and fun stamps.

Here are some stamps  that I think are  fun to show you before I will come to my own designed stamp

Old cars from my childhood

A Swedish cinnamon roll
In Sweden we have a special day in October that we call The day of the cinnamon roll. This stamp is from 2010 and don´t you think it is so  fun.

And what is more Swedish than our Swedish flag?

I have of course chosen the most Swedish attributes.

The  Swedish flag and the handcrafted Dalecarlian horses that most tourists buy as memories from Sweden.
My stamp it is so Swedish, don´t you think so?   I have even stamped it with my day.

My Swedish stamp

It is even stamped

When you now  have seen my stamp and greetings from Sweden

rush over to find out the other stamps for the day

Hill Valley Quilter ( that´s me )

Oh, the give away. I have quite forgotten it. LOL

I found a lovely table runner in a shop yesterday with Dalecarlian horses stamped it all over. It measures 42x14 inches and it  is a Swedish design  made of cotton. I will post it everywhere and you only have to leave me a comment to get a chance to have  it.

But as Google Reader is shutting down I will give you  a second chance if you follow me on Bloglovin or by email. Please leave me a second comment about that.The buttons for Bloglovin and email  are on the right side bar.

The Dalecarlian horse table runner

Thank you lovely Madame Samm for organizing this fun blog hop and most of all the wonderful cheer leader Thearica at Pig Tales and Quilts. 

I hope that you all will have a great day hopping around.

Greetings from Sweden