It´s all about me - Finally my day

It´s all about me - Finally my day

I will first of all give a  thank you  to madame Samm, the lovely cheer leader Marlene and the pattern designer Amy Bradley for making all this come through .

My name is Britt-Inger. I live in the south of Sweden and have been retired in one year now. Oh what time flies.

After   I have received the pattern from Amy Bradley I got many thoughts of how to personalize the pattern to  be a woman   like me. I had  the pattern  enlarged with 50 %  to get a size I wanted. 

I had to changed  the figure  and choose a hair style  with curls, as I have been lucky to have natural curls in my hair. 

As I seldom use sun glasses, I decided to have my normal glasses and let me look down.

My favorite colors are purple and green, mostly lime green, so that´s why I have a lime green dress and with a background in purple color.

My favorite fabric is designed Kaffe Fasset and so is the fabric  that I have choosen to use in my small quilt.

I love birds and I have two pet birds, two  male cockatiels, named Knut and Sixten. The grey is Knut, he is the old one, 16 years and Sixten is five years old. And it is not hard to guess who is the boss in the cage.

Sixten and Knut
And here is the picture of me, with curly hair and Sixten and Knut on my shoulders. I love birds as you could see on my picture. 
And as I love brooches I have also made me  a flower brooch.
Me and my birds
And here is a picture of me IR

Now when you have seen me, don´t forget to visit all the wonderful women today
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I wish you a nice day  and hope to see you soon again at my blog