Leafs Me Happy Day 8 My Day

First of all I want to thank Madame Samm and Cherry for taken care of  this fantastic blog hop. I am so enthusiastic and  I have been asked to  write  an article of my blog hops adventures  in the magazine, that our Swedish quilt guild publish. I hope there will be more Swedish quilters that will play with us in the future.
The days with Leafs Me Happy have flied away and now it is my day to present what I have been occupied with.
I have been visiting the middle of Sweden this weekend, Dalecarlia, the county of the Dalahorse.
And as the landscape is quite different from my county I want to show you a fall picture, which I took outside the school where the National Quilting Guild had their annual meeting combined with classes, exhibitions and quilt shops.

I have also showed my projects from my blog hops in Show and Tell this weekend , and the ladies were so excited to hear about the blog hops and I hope there will be many Swedish women  who will be sewing in future blog hops.

Fall in Falun, Dalecarlia

In the south of Sweden where I live the pictures from fall are quite different. The pictures are from my parent´s garden taken some years ago.

Fall in rhe garden of my parents

I have always loved birds, and my favorite specie is this little bird Koltrast, Black Bird.
The male bird sings fantastic for her female in the spring, but during fall and winter you could see the birds seeking for food in close to the houses. They are hopping among the whirling leafs during the fall. Listen to the beautiful song a short while  Blackbird song and then I will continue my story. The male blackbird is black with a yellow beak and he is so handsome, while the female bird is brown with a black beak and I think she is also a beautiful bird. 
These birds are stay birds in south of Sweden and they love apples, that is why we often see them in fall outside our homes, wanting to get bits of the fallen down apples.
My first thought creating a project for this blog hop was a block with blackbirds playing among the whirling leafs. Then I saw one of my many purses, and this one had  Black birds. The pattern is of  my own design and I have drawn the birds and leafs before I made the appliqué. I decided to reuse the pattern for a block, but first I will show a picture of my purse made from fabrics from Japan in different brown shades.
Purse with Black Birds
But as you could see on the purse there are only male birds playing in the whirling wind, but this time I decided to make a couple of birds. I didn´t have any fabric with whirling leafs and I was lucky to find a piece to suit my project for the outer border .
I have made four blocks with the birds playing among the leafs and decided to make a table cloth of the blocks. The sashings are simple four patches. 
Black Birds and whirling leafs

The table cloth measures 36 inches in square and each block is 12.5 inch. I think this will be one of my favorites for the fall. I have named the block Whirling Leafs with Black Birds.
You have seen my project in Leafs me Happy. Don´t forget to visit the other quilters

Most of all it has be sew fun and I am almost whining as this is the last day of Leafs me Hapy blog hop. But I will soon be back in the next blog hop, making a wicked block. It should be fun even if we don´t have so much Halloween traditions in my country but I have a fun idea of what to make.
Sew ladies,  see you later