Virtual Cookie Exchange

Welcome to my blog and a taste of Swedish Ginger cookies.
In Sweden we love ginger cookies in all form of shapes and there will be lots of them in every Swedish home in Christmas. Sometime they will be consumed   together with Glögg a Swedish form of a  spicy warm vine. But of course contains    the Swedish Fika ginger cookies in Christmas time.
Swedish strong coffee and ginger cookies is never wrong.

We have also Christmas songs about our love for our ginger cookies

The  ginger woman and the man have of course company of a ginger cookie pig 

At the Swedish Christmas table we have  a lot of ham and other food made  from the pig meat.

I have not made the ginger cookies , I have a good bakery nearby, but I will share a recipe that I have found on Youtube

For about nearly 60 years ago I bought a clay tomte (Santa) painted it and gave it to my father at Christmas and now it is mine. It is a sentimental feeling to have it on my table now. As you could see he is smoking and my father was smoking then. I don't think there will be any new smoking Santas nowadays.

We have lot of angels to decorate in Christmas and I thought a sweet little bag with an angel could contain a Christmas present.  The bag is made of a candy pack and the angel is embroidered after a sketch that I have made.

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Hill Valley Quilter Thats me

Merry Christmas to you all and A Happy New Year