Bird Tree / My Birds

Some of you know that I love birds. And most of all my boys Knut and Sixten, my cute cockatiels.
They are eighteen and nine years by now and they could live to be thirty years old if they don´t get any diseases.

Don´t you think they are cute. The bird with most grey color in is feathers  is the older one Knut.

As I couldn´t resist the blog hop and could´t find the fabric in Sweden I have to find some other fabric with birds. I have of course some of that in my stash.

Some years ago I have bought a lovely linen blended cotton of the Japanese brand Kokka with cockatiels in different colors. As I had a purple linen in my stash I picked out pink and yellow bird fabric which could sing together with the purple linen.

I need a new summer purse and created this one for me.

It was cold out side but the sun was shining and there were some green to have as a fond for my purse.

Don´t you think it look like summer already. This shrub is always green even in winter.

Here is a close picture of the cockatiels fabric on the purse

Here is the picture of the back of the purse

If you look close you could see the flower buds on the tree.

Yes it is spring here in Sweden too, even if we got some snow yesterday. But it disappeared in a hurry.

I am so happy for my purse, even if it is a very simple purse I thought that it made the fabric to sing as the birds.

Thanks Lana and lovely Samm for this blog hop with my favourite animals.

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As it is Monday I am linking the post of the day to Eva Bambi syr a Swedish blogger who everyday posts about her quilting.

Spring is here in Sweden how about you?