U R Priceless

The new bloghop has begun and this time the first day of the hop is my day to present my cute coin purses. But first of all a big Swedish hug to Madame Samm and Katherine for hosting this priceless blog hop.
I must say that I have had some problems to get the purse frames in time to make my purses. I have first contacted a shop on Etsy from Portugal in September where I found some very cute frames. But the frames  were not even shipped after a month  and I didn´t get any contact with the shop owner in spite of several reminders. Then I had to buy from an other internet shop, as I couldn´t find any shop here in Sweden which had   purse frames.  
Finally I ordered frames from ebay, China and Etsy Great Britain, but in a slight different form that could fit the pattern designed by Madame Samm.
Two days ago the shop owner from Portugal contacted me and informed me that she had been on vacations and was very sorry. She returned my money and that´s the story with the first problems with my purses.
My big problem then was the decision of fabric. I can´t understand why this is always a very big problems as I have yards of fabric in my stash. But I think this is a problem that I share with thousands of quilters.
And then I had to reconstruct the pattern to fit my purse frames. I love freeze paper, I use it when I make templates and it is then so easy to iron it on the fabric. I reconstructed the templates on the freeze paper and voila there were my templates to fit my purse frames.
My first coin purse were made from fabric designed Loralie, I love her cute ladies
The first cute lady on one side

The second cute lady on the other side

Inside the first purse

My second choice of fabric was design from Laurel Birch. And as birds are my favorite pets and animals the motives were natural, some parrots of course.
One side of the purse

The other side

Inside the second purse

I have now presented you for my purses and now it is time for you to see and admire all the other purses of today

Go and visit and have fun looking at all the goodies from all the other participating ladies today

Greta har fått en kompis/ Greta´s new friend

Kommer ni ihåg Greta? Do you remember Greta?


Gretas kompis heter Britta och hon är bara så söt i sin lilla kolt med elefanter och randiga strumpor.
Nu väntar hon på sin nya klänning. Jag fick också sytt färdigt en liten  japansk påse efter ett mönster som Namie hos Quiltameva har gjort.
Britta is the name of Greta´s new friend. Don´t you think she is the cutest thing with her frock with elephants? She is waiting for  a new dress. The small purse is from Namie from the local quilt shop here in Malmö.

Don´t forget the new blog hop beginning tomorrow!!!