Be a Hexie Queen I have tried but .......

As you know I have loved to participate in most of  all the blog hops that lovely Samm has conducted, but this time I have many times regretted my eagerness to be in this hop too.

First of all I must thank our wonderful cheer leader Debby and of course lovely Madame Samm, who are conducting this adventure.

In our neighbor country Denmark many quilters love to sew by hand and always the English way over papers, but it has never been a common technique among the Swedish quilters until now, when sewing over hexies has been common in the quilt world.

When the local quilt guild,  Öresundsquiltarna, started 2003, the BOM of the year  was a hexie quilt with stars inside the hexies. And all have to be sewn by hand over paper.As you by now know what type of person I am, I couldn´t resist trying to test this too. We were at the start about 60 members who were in this BOM, but I haven´t seen more than 10 finished projects during the passing ten years.

I have quite forgotten my handmade quilt until today, and  I then  took it out from the shelves, as my quilt is one of the  finished projects. The quilt has  more than 12 blocks, as I from the start had planned to make a small quilt.

When I looked at it today I must say that I am proud, as it is finished, all sewn by hand and hand quilted. And I think it is lovely too, even if I shouldn´t have chosen those fabrics today.
My quilt sewn by hand and hand quilted

It is now ten years later my second time to try hexagons sewn by hand. Four weeks ago I haven´t then decided what to make for this blog hop. During my trips in the summer I have visited a quilt shop that had  some very cute projects made from hexagons. And I fell in love in a project design by Annie Downs from Hatched and Patched from this book Simple Life and here it is
Skalman enjoying the sun
It is so nice in the sun

Skalman enjoying a walk in the grass
My Skalman, name  for my turtle pincushion (skal is the Swedish word for shell and man is a man) is made from some hexagons, a few pentagons and half hexagons to form the bowl shaped shell. And I must say that I love him and I could even admit that he was very fun to make.

Now to my second project for this hexie adventure. I have somewhere  seen hexies transformed to small animals and I decided to make a landscape with some hexagon animals. 

There  should of course be some birds in the landscape.  I love birds and why not some cute hedgehogs
as the hexagon shapes could easily be transformed to form the bodies of the animals. I made the shapes for the animals and the tree crowns  with help of  a compass. I sketched the form for the tree and voila
 here it is my happy small  wall quilt with hexies all made in fused  appliqué.

My way playing with hexies

 I think that I will never be a hexie queen, but I must say that I have enjoyed making my way  of hexies and I hope that I have put several smiles on your faces.

Now hop over to all the other lovely ladies of the day one of the Hexie Queen blog hop and there are I am sure of several magnefique hexie queens.

Hill Valley Quilter (that´s me)

Have a great day blog hopping 

Britt-Inger in Malmö, Sweden